Thai to English Translators

If you’re looking for a Thai to English translator, Modern Publishing is pleased to offer its translation services with excellent quality translation delivered on time and at reasonable prices.

When reading a good quality English translation, the reader must feel that the text was written by an English native speaker. If you would like Thai-English translation at this level of quality, we recommend that you only use the services of translators who are native speakers. At Modern Publishing, we emphasise the use of native speakers. Many of our Thai to English translators are native speakers, and have spent a long time living in Thailand. They have a good understanding of Thai, so you can be confident that the target translation communicates the exact meaning of the source text in every respect.

However, this doesn’t mean that Thai translators cannot create good English translation. At Modern Publishing, we have Thai translators with many years of experience in Thai to English translation. Some work at embassies, some have studied further education overseas, and others have lived or are still living abroad. In this case, customers will receive good to excellent quality translation at a lower cost. When you read a sample of our translation, you will find that the quality is striking.

Please visit our Home Page for more information on our Thai to English translation services and the background of Modern Publishing. You may also check out the testimonials from our customers, or Contact us to ask for further information.