Modern Publishing Ltd., Part. was established in 1990 to provide document translation and interpretation services. With more than 30 years of experience, our business has grown on a solid foundation of morals, ethics and accountability. We have managed to achieve significant expertise in our respective field, and consider the quality of our service as our first priority, whilst at the same time continuing to earn even higher levels of trust from our valued clients.

Our company works with a range of different languages, such as Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, English, Burmese, Vietnamese, Arabic, Russian, German, French, Spanish and many others. We have translators on hand to help you to translate whatever document that you need translated from one of the languages to the other.

We have had the opportunity to work with clients from a variety of different sectors. With our services, they have managed to increase the scope of their potential markets by providing business documentation such as brochures, websites, user manuals and contracts in a variety of languages. Additionally, we source and provide expert interpreters to achieve key business objectives during negotiation sessions.